What we do

Kesteven Children in Need is very much a local charity. We raise money with the sole aim of enabling children in our local community to flourish socially, mentally and physically; despite very difficult family circumstances.

The charity acts purely on referrals from professionals within our community. Health visitors, doctors, social workers, teachers and ministers will get in touch with us once they identify a need for practical help within a family.

The practical help that Kesteven Children in Need provides is wide ranging and includes:

Accident and Harm Prevention

We aim to help keep the children in our community safe. This can mean that we provide something as fundamental as a stair gate or a fireguard or we can offer a nursery place to children who need respite from their home lives.

Child Development

This can be something as simple as providing a table, chairs and a box of crayons.

We can also help promote healthy social, physical and mental development of a child by funding nursery places or providing specialist teachers.

Emergency Response

Kesteven Children in Need provides valuable and immediate support to social services for families in crisis where situations have seriously deteriorated. Children can often be displaced and end up sharing beds or sleeping on the floor. Just providing a bed, bedding or a buggy can make a big difference.