Who We’ve Helped

Here is a very small selection of the real stories behind the children Kesteven Children in Need have helped.

"I visited the child (6 months old) and his family for the first time last week. He has hydrocephalus and this was discovered just before he was born prematurely, so his parents have had a very worrying time. He was operated on just after birth, to fit a reservoir, but this did not work as the consultant had hoped. The child then had another major operation to fit a shunt into his ventricles in his brain. He has needed a lot more care and attention and did not thrive in his first few weeks. However he is now putting on weight and his parents need a suitable car seat for him to give his head support. They have found one and it costs £140. I am therefore asking if Kesteven Children in Need can fund this car seat."

"I have been working with a single parent and her daughter for a number of months. The daughter has some serious mental health issues which have resulted in her having some time in Ash Villa. She is now currently improving and has started to attend college.

I was wondering whether there would be a possibility of any funding to go towards a small holiday or day trip for both her and her mother. I have applied for the family fund but this has been turned down. Both mother and daughter have never had a holiday away together as finances are limited due to the mother’s own mental health needs.

As the family is beginning to rebuild their lives, I just feel that a day trip to the coast or a short break will help to build a better bond between mother and daughter and give them a break from their daily routine."

Many thanks for all the support you have provided Home-Start families in SW Lincolnshire over the last few years."
"Currently I am supporting a family where Mum has returned from a stay in hospital in Birmingham where she has had a large abdominal cancerous tumour removed. Recovery for this surgery will be lengthy. The dad works 6 days a week on the family farm, they have a 4 month old baby and a 3 year old toddler. Mum has had to close her business which contributed significantly to the family income. Adult services are able to provide the family with limited help for the mum in terms of equipment but they are unable to provide anything directly for the children.

I wondered if you could help this family for the next eight weeks by providing some funding. They require a pressure fit stair gate, meaning that the parents can accept support for the children from various extended family members knowing that they are safe when cared for out of the home. They also need a car seat for the eldest child. Finally they would welcome support in buying nappies and milk for the children until all the relevant benefits have come through.

All items together mean that I am applying on behalf of the family for a grant coming to £281.74.  I am sure you will appreciate this is a very anxious and stressful time for the family and to receive some help like this will make a significant difference to them, minimizing some of their worries."

"Following a visit to this family home we were shocked about the living conditions, especially the bedroom facilities for the children. The boy has made an effort with his bedroom and has painted it himself however he is sleeping on a mattress with no sheet and has no curtains at the window.  Please would it be possible for him to have some Arsenal curtains to put up at the window and a single sheet pack for his bed.

The girl is at the moment sleeping on an old mattress on top of another mattress.  Please would it be possible for this little girl to have a single bed and mattress and if possible a canvas wardrobe.

We apologise for this very tall order but we were shocked with these children’s living conditions and would very much appreciate any help you can offer."

"I am currently working with a young struggling single mother with two young children who is facing some financial difficulties. The young mum has a history of abuse and domestic violence and has recently broken away from the children’s father and now has no contact with him.  She is currently trying to start afresh and set up a home for her and the children.

Children’s Services, Health Services and Sure Start are involved in providing support and monitoring the situation.  The young mum is engaging with our support services to build a better life.  She has a history of depression and struggles to cope.

The mother struggles to attend support groups to help her with the parenting skills needed due to the child care issues.  She is in receipt of benefits and is currently attempting to pay off rental arrears which leave her with just enough each week to ensure the children’s basic needs are met.

We would appreciate if you would consider this young family for financial assistance from your charity so the young boy could attend one session at nursery per week costing £16 per session.  This will enable this lively young boy to have the interaction with his peers that he so desperately needs and for his mother to be able to attend the support groups needed.  The weekly nursery costs would be a significant expense for the family."

"Without the support of the Kesteven Children in Need charity, many families would be at a loss", Health Visitor

"Kesteven Children in Need is always willing to look at each request and will help if it can.  It is a very valued resource and one that we would struggle to manage without", Social Worker